Elijah Wood stars, produces film 'No Man of God,' playing FBI agent working on Ted Bundy case

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Saturday, August 28, 2021
Elijah Wood stars in 'No Man of God' about Ted Bundy case
'There is genuine tension there as you're watching someone flail and try to fight for their life.' Elijah Wood plays an FBI profiler who investigates serial killer Ted Bundy in new film 'No Man of God.'

HOLLYWOOD -- In "No Man Of God," Elijah Wood plays FBI agent and criminal profiler Bill Hagmaier. The film is based on the true story of his complicated relationship with notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, who would only disclose details of his many crimes to Hagmaier. Wood was originally just going to produce the film...but he also agreed to be in it because he found the subject matter fascinating.

"There is genuine tension there as you're watching someone sort of flail and try to fight for their life and also reveal the true heart of who they are," said Wood. "It's also about delving into that darkness. And regardless of whether we know what the outcome will be, it's still sitting with that and exploring that and getting under the skin of it is tense and uncomfortable."

Luke Kirby took on the role of Bundy and Wood says his co-star underwent a startling transformation.

"It's haunting. There are moments in the movie, absolutely, where it's uncanny and very disturbing and creepy and he just gives such an incredible, nuanced, beautiful, scary performance," said Wood.

As for the real Bill Hagmaier, Wood says he was always available to the production team.

"He was really supportive of the film and just wonderful," said Wood.

"No Man Of God" is in theatres, on digital and on demand now.