'All the Money in the World' premieres without Kevin Spacey in lead role

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (KABC) -- Christopher Plummer took on the role of J. Paul Getty in a film inspired by the kidnapping of his grandson, John Paul Getty III.

Plummer only stepped into the role shortly before Thanksgiving.

Director Ridley Scott knew if he wanted this movie out by Christmas -- or out at all -- he'd have to replace his original J. Paul Getty.

Kevin Spacey, who'd become embroiled in a very public sexual misconduct scandal, was out.

Plummer stepped in to help save the movie.

"Well, that was part of it. Part because I wanted to work with Ridley, whose work I admire very much. And now we've bonded, I think. I hope he employs me again," said Plummer.

"Kevin did very well, make no mistake about that, but it was a chosen, cold, cool approach," Scott said. "Whereas Christopher automatically has this dangerous charm."

Scott needed to quickly re-shoot 22 scenes, and he needed his actors back to do it. That was not a problem.

"There was two choices: to kid of scrap the movie or to re-cast and re-shoot, and Ridley was able to pull it off," said actor Mark Wahlberg.

"All the Money in the World" will be in theaters on Christmas Day. It's rated R.
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