Double trouble: These actors were in multiple Oscar-nominated films this year

This year, a handful of performers are lucky enough to have roles in multiple Oscar-nominated films:

Nick Searcy portrayed General Hoyt in "The Shape of Water" and Father Montgomery in "Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri."

Kathryn Newton played Angela in "Three Billboards" and starred as Darlene Bell in "Lady Bird."

Lucas Hedges was also in both films, playing Frances McDormand's son Robbie in "Three Billboards" and Danny O'Neill, a love interest of Saoirse Ronan, in "Lady Bird."

Timothee Chalamet was Lady Bird's other love interest, Kyle Scheible. He was, of course, Elio in "Call Me by Your Name."

Lady Bird's father was played by Tracy Letts, Fritz Beebe in "The Post."

Bradley Whitford, who portrayed Author Parsons in "The Post," also starred as Dean Amitage in "Get Out."

Caleb Landry Jones portrayed Bradley Whitford's son Jeremy in "Get Out" and Red Welby in "Three Billboards." He also starred as Jack in "The Florida Project," but that movie did not get a Best Picture nomination.

Michael Stuhlbarg did score the best picture hat-trick, playing Rosenthal in "The Post," Dr. Robert Hoffstetler in "The Shape of Water" and Elio's father in "Call Me by Your Name."