'The 17th Door,' an extreme haunted house in OC, will give you the chills on Friday the 13th

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- On Friday the 13th, which is what many consider to be the scariest day of the year, you may not find a scarier place than "The 17th Door."

The 17th Door is an extreme haunted house. Actor Phillip Adsit plays a crazed prison barber.

"It's a thrill, it's a live action horror movie. This is the perfect scene being in a prison," he said.

The 17th Door converted a Fullerton strip mall into a prison from hell. Unlike other haunted houses, the monsters can touch you, grab you and even cut your hair.

Actor Mark Coyan said the guests seem to love it.

"People surprise you constantly, big guys crumble the most, it's really fun," he said.

Along with the live action show, The 17th Door also has a virtual reality tour and owner Heather Luther said it is very popular.

"They are strapped down to a chair, they get sensations all over their body. It is very elaborate," she said.

If all this sounds too intense and you just can't take it, remember there is a safe word to get out - just yell "Mercy!"
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