Choreographer Mandy Moore reveals how 'La La Land' traffic scene was made

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Choreographer Mandy Moore explained how she put together the opening scene in the movie "La La Land."

It's a scene Los Angeles residents can relate to - gridlock. But in the movie, it looks like a lot of fun: a dance-filled traffic jam.

The musical number was months in the making, and the most complicated ever undertaken by the Emmy-winning choreographer.

"The opening scene, traffic, was - I'm going to call it #panicattack," Moore said.

Dozens of cars, 30 professional dancers and more than 100 extras were part of the scene. A lot was required to perfect the memorable "La La Land" freeway routine.

Director Damien Chazelle and Moore went all out on the scene. Moore said she still gets goosebumps thinking about what they were able to pull off.

"We closed the freeway the weekend before from midnight to noon. We got all the cars up there, the dancers, the camera," she said. "Afterwards, I just kind of felt like, 'How did this all happen?' I mean, obviously greatness happens when you put a lot of people together who are passionate about what they do."

She hopes "La La Land" simply inspires moviegoers to appreciate the art of dance.

"La La Land," which stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, is in theaters now.
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