'Jerry Maguire' video store opens in Echo Park

ECHO PARK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Despite numerous video store closures, one temporary shop opened in Echo Park with only one film in its collection: The Jerry Maguire Video Store.

The store contains roughly 14,000 VHS copies of "Jerry Maguire," in English, Spanish and French.

The Los Angeles based art collective "Everything Is Terrible!" is behind the project with Anna Bihari and Dimitri Sinakis managing the storefront.

"It's bright red, it's beautiful. There are just so many of them," Bihari said.

Copies of the 1996 film have been used by the group as a Jerry Maguire throne, a Jerry Maguire costume and now as a Jerry Maguire store for the next few weeks.

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A new video store in Echo Park carries 14,000 copies of 'Jerry Maguire.'

Though having collected VHS copies for years, the store will not rent out any of its tapes.

"That would involve you taking a Jerry from the collection and that is of course not allowed," Sinakis shared.

The group, instead, has much higher aspirations for the "Jerry Maguire" collection.

"The dream is to build a pyramid out in the desert made entirely of these Jerry Maguires." Sinakis said.

Bihari added, "We want to give the Jerrys a forever home."
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