Ron Howard talks adding 'Solo' to his directing resume

The latest film in the "Star Wars" franchise hits theaters nationwide this weekend, but it didn't get to this moment without some controversy.

When the directors of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" were fired during filming, the movie needed to find new leadership fast. Enter Ron Howard.

Howard answered the call to step behind the camera after directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were let go.

The Hollywood veteran came in to an existing cast and crew, and quickly learned the ways of the force.

"He's such a great guy, and he's such a wonderful filmmaker, wonderful guy," said Alden Ehrenreich, who plays the younger Han Solo in the movie. "He makes movies like he just got out of film school, and is still so excited about it, so I loved working for him."

Ehrenreich and Howard share a mutual admiration for each other.

"He applies his talent, he applies his intellect," Howard said of Ehrenreich. "He's a very smart guy. He's very charismatic."

Howard was excited to join the "Star Wars" universe, and it's not just the humor and action that draws him in.

"Whether it's a bromance, whether it's a love relationship, whether it's funny and adversarial or really, really dangerous, all these relationships also help define Han Solo and begin to shape him on this kind of rite of passage adventure story that will begin to lead him toward the iconic Han Solo that we know so well," Howard said.

Adding "Star Wars" to his resume even got him a little extra appreciation in his household.

"'Arrested Development,' doing a Beatles documentary and getting to work on a 'Star Wars' movie, I think I can coast now for a little while," Howard said. "I think I got a little cred within the family."
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