Santa Monica gym takes exercise workouts outside amid closures

SoCal gyms have been ordered to shut down once again in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. Many workout enthusiasts are heading outside to keep up their exercise routines.
SANTA MONICA (KABC) -- SoCal gyms have been ordered to shut down once again, in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

"Having a studio that we pay a lot of money in rent every month it was a little challenging to hear that we couldn't use that space," Body Fit Training Owner Jacob Gise said.

Gise is one of many business owners forced to get creative. And following the lead of restaurants, he decided to move his business outside.

"When I heard the news I had all my permits set up and everything ready to go. So I basically told everybody we're transitioning full schedule outside and wasn't phased," Gise explained.

He opened his Santa Monica based fitness facility last fall. Business was great until covid 19 hit.

The money from virtual training was barely enough to keep the lights on.

And after the first reopen last month, only a third of his 250 clients felt comfortable returning.

"I was like itching to get back but wanting to be safe and didn't feel super comfortable heading back to the studio but this is a great way to do both," BFT Member Candice Sparks said.

Today they're training on an outdoor basketball court.

Each individual sanitizes equipment after each station and practices physical distancing.

For many, coming here is crucial to their physical and mental well being.

"I'd been working out at my place. But I've been losing a lot of motivation. And the fact that we have everyone out here doing it together, it just makes it that much easier and that much more fun," said member Andrew Sinasohn.

"Mentally this is such a challenging time for everyone. And I work from home so getting out and moving your body and having someone else kind of lead it for you is really nice," Sparks added.
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