Eye on LA helps you look and feel good in SoCal

ByTina Malave and ABC7.com staff KABC logo
Sunday, April 23, 2017
Eye on LA helps you look and feel good in SoCal
Eye on L.A. discovered the best places to help you look and feel better in Southern California.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Who doesn't love looking and feeling great? Eye on L.A.'s Tina Malave scoured L.A., searching for the most unique, innovative and effective ways to get healthy!


A leader in high tech wellness, SaunaBar offers unique treatments that help you detox, de-stress, firm up and feel great! Ever find yourself feeling bloated, getting headaches, or just can't lose those pounds? You may have food sensitivity issues. SaunaBar offers a simple blood test that checks to see what foods might be wreaking havoc on your system.


Cold Shoulder Vest

Based on science that's over 100 years old, this chilly vest burns calories while you relax. The Cold Shoulder Vest chills your body causing it to work to stay warm, burning up to 500 calories in one use. Although it isn't a magic solution to weight loss, this vest is perfect for Angelinos with long commutes.


Kung Fu Acupressure Therapy LLC

Kung Fu Paul and his wife are not only masters of Kung Fu, they are also expert massage therapists in the rare and ancient practice of Kung Fu Acupressure, developed 1,500 years ago by the Shaolin Kung Fu masters. The pair focuses on loosening your tendons rather than sore or tight muscles. Although it's extremely painful, the results speak for themselves.

Kung Fu Acupressure Therapy LLC

22707 Victory Blvd

West Hills, CA 91307


Gangsta Gardner

Ron Finley is bringing change to communities all over L.A. and the world through gardening. Empathizing with the lack of healthy food options in South L.A., Finley has been promoting and planting community food gardens in an attempt to take back the community and the earth. Check out his website and learn how you can request a movie screening of his film, "Can You Dig This," produced by John Legend, to learn the full story.


Renew Juicery & Cryotherapy

Juicing has been a staple of healthy lifestyles for a while now, but at Renew Juicery & Cryotherapy, their cryotherapy treatment is like an extreme ice bath at -240 degrees! It offers benefits of tightened skin, pain management, and muscle pain relief.


Bowl of Heaven

It looks and tastes like dessert, but it's actually good for you! Focused on bringing healthful eating across California, Bowl of Heaven serves some of the most nutritious acai bowls in SoCal. Co-founder Brandon was inspired to bring these flavors he discovered while studying in Oahu, Hawaii, to the mainland.


M Café

M Café is serving up completely balanced macrobiotic meals on Melrose. Avoiding most meats, M Café takes unprocessed food and combines it with delicious ingredients to create quick and healthy meals.


Mission Fitness Center

Looking to change peoples' lives and get them active, Mission Fitness Center gets amazing results. This small gym focuses on basic weightlifting exercises that build strength. Training award winners in all ages, Mission Fitness Center gets everyone from teens to the elderly working out.

Mission Fitness Center

2451 Mission Street

San Marino, CA 91108


Rock with Me & Dance

Looking to get in shape and spend time with your baby? Rock with Me & Dance gives new meaning to the term "Baby on Board" and is the perfect opportunity to get you moving and help your baby's brain develop through movement.


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