FACEism series: Exposing often-ignored history, erasing stereotypes

You see the face of a stranger. In the blink of an eye, your mind is made up.

You've taken in their skin color, ethnicity, sex, age, clothes and accent. You think you know who they are as a person. That's FACEism.

It sounds like racism, and, in many cases, it is.

But FACEism is when we make quick, often unfair, judgments about people we don't even know, ignoring the fact there is so much more behind their face.

That ignorance is dividing us.

FACEism's mission: Expose our often-ignored history, erase stereotyping and move toward a better understanding of each other.
Episode 1: 'FACEism' and the history behind blackface

Episode 2: The 'Star Trek' kiss that broke ground for race relations

Episode 3: Roger Shimomura confronts racism, stereotypes with art

Episode 4: How an immigrant pursuing the American Dream became the first hate-crime fatality after 9/11

Episode 5: How the Statue of Liberty guides our future by reminding us of the past

Episode 6: Ellis Island, where millions of immigrants sought hope, opportunity

Episode 7: Supaman merges Native American culture, hip-hop to deliver message of truth

Episode 8: FACEism: President Reagan's apology for the US internment of Japanese Americans during World War II

Episode 9: The East LA protests that changed the Chicano movement

Episode 10: How COVID-19 is resurfacing US history of racism against Asian Americans

Episode 11: From Jim Crow to 2020, a history of voter suppression in the US

Episode 12: Tackling Muslim stereotypes in America and the battle to overcome the damaging effects

Episode 13: Japanese-American veteran receives a hero's welcome in French village he helped liberate in WWII
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