Inspirational: Three Texas siblings become doctors

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Three Siblings Become Doctors
Siblings Gloria, Victor and Blessing Oyeniyi have all earned the title of doctor.

HOUSTON -- Having all of your children become doctors is a parent's dream. But for the Oyeniyi family, it's a reality.

Siblings Gloria, Victor and Blessing Oyeniyi have all earned the title of doctor -- a remarkable achievement for a family who came to the U.S. in search of better education and a better life.

Their parents decided to leave their home country of Nigeria in 1995 after they ran into trouble trying to enroll their oldest daughter Gloria Oyeniyi in private school.

"Unfortunately at that time, with the corruption in Nigeria, they still wanted bribes and they still wanted tidbits to get her in despite her efforts and her achievements," Victor Oyeniyi said.

So they came to Texas to give their children a better shot at success. When they arrived in the states, there was some culture shock. Gloria recalled seeing running water for the very first time.

"The fact that everyone is required to go to school is kind of new and different for us," Blessing Oyeniyi said.

Their father was a pilot and their mother was a bank manager in Nigeria, but they struggled to transfer their careers in the U.S. They worked multiple jobs to get by.

"So we were on food stamps, our parents did odd jobs," Victor Oyeniyi said.

It was their parents' drive and determination that inspired these siblings to succeed.

"They both went back to school and started over, and both got their bachelor's degree and both got their master's degree while working full time, while raising three children," Gloria Oyeniyi said. "Dad was in his 50s when he graduated, and we were so proud. We were so, so, so proud. That's one of my proudest moments - my mom and dad showing us again that we can do this. Both of them, they gave so much."

The three siblings wanted to make their parents proud. Dr. Gloria Oyeniyi is a psychiatrist on the faculty at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Blessing Oyeniyi, who attended Harvard as an undergraduate, is a first-year psychiatry resident at UT Austin Dell Medical School. Dr. Victor Oyeniyi earned his pharmacy doctorate from Texas Southern University.

Their parents couldn't be more proud.

"They tell us all the time. This was so worth it. Leaving everything in Nigeria was worth it," Gloria Oyeniyi said.

This family hopes to inspire others to follow their own path to success.

"Whatever domain that you choose that you're passionate about that you think you can make a mark in this world, by all means go for it, because this is a country where you can work hard and you can make it," Gloria Oyeniyi said.