Whittier woman becomes surrogate for sister's twins

WHITTIER, Calif. (KABC) -- Two sisters in Whittier did not let cancer stand in the way of their expanding family.

Morgan Williams offered to become a surrogate for her sister Maggie Paxton after her battle with breast cancer.

"She's giving me and my husband a gift that we will never be able to repay her for and that's been like a struggle for me," Paxton said.

Though Paxton is currently in remission after being diagnosed in 2015, doctors warned her that having a child would be too stressful on her body and baby.

Paxton recalled her sister volunteering, "We thought 'These are our babies. We need someone to carry them." She raised her hand and said 'I'll do it."

Williams said that she wanted her sister to focus on getting healthy and did not want her to worry about finding a surrogate. She is now expecting to deliver twin girls on Sunday.

"I'm ready to see her be a mom. I'm ready to see her hold her baby," Williams shared.

The two sisters are both volleyball coaches and said they want to set an example for their students with their story.

"It's awesome to share with these kids what family means and sisterhood and strength and all of that," Paxton said.

She also credits Williams for saving her life.

"My advice is listening to your body and going to the doctor even if you don't think it's a big deal, and allowing them to make that decision, not yourself," Paxton said. "You don't always have sisters in your life that push you to go to the doctor after I was having symptoms for six months."

Although Williams has yet to give birth, she has signed up to do it again.

"They have a boy and two girls - embryos that are being stored," Williams explained. "So I told them if they wanted to do the boy that I would try to do that."

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