SoCal families celebrate dads with parade, mariachi band, and donuts on Father's Day

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Monday, June 20, 2022
SoCal families celebrate dads with Father's Day parade, music, more
Families celebrated dads all across the Southland on Sunday for Father's Day. From a parade to a mariachi band, to donuts with dad.

WILLOWBROOK, Calif. (KABC) -- Families celebrated fathers all across the Southland on Sunday.

Outside New Mount Calvary Church in Willowbrook, 10-year-old Kamal Neal celebrated Father's Day with her dad.

"He is funny and he is always there for me in my life," Kamal said.

"With my daughter out here is a good thing," said Wayne Neal. "I am enjoying out here with the other brothers and sisters. They're enjoying their families so that's what brings me out here."

The Father's Day event "Donuts With Dad" is a thank you to all the men of influence.

"We know that it is so important that fathers are involved in the lives of their children," said Pastor Sonja Dawson from New Mount Calvary Church. "My father was very involved in my life as a child. He's the founder of this church. Dr. Dawson. And it made an impact, and so we want that for every generation."

For many of the fathers and father figures in attendance, it was one of the few events that was just for them.

"This event is so essential, of course today, being Father's Day," said Dr. Wilbur Washington. "When I go around the town, I see a lot things for Mother's Day but for Father's Day I don't see as much."

Washington and his daughter also celebrated their graduations -- his is a doctorate, and hers a Master's degree.

"Over the years, I appreciated my dad just showing love for me, and supporting me," said Anika Washington. "Any undertaking that I do, whether it's school or whether it's extracurricular, I appreciate him for always being there for me."

Meanwhile, in Boyle Heights, dads celebrated with their very own parade and mariachi band. The third annual event honored dads for all the positive things that they do.