FBI releases physical fitness app for exercise buffs and aspiring agents

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Besides in-depth background checks and a battery of written tests, aspiring FBI agents must also pass a rigorous physical test to get the job. They have to re-take it and pass every year to keep the job.

The test includes 1 minute of sit-ups, a timed 300-meter sprint, push-ups, as many as you can do, then a timed 1.5 mile run.

Now, people at home can take on this challenge, too.

The FBI released a new, free mobile app for fitness enthusiasts and aspiring agents. It's an informative and interactive way to test your strength and endurance, improve your fitness level and see what you'll be up against if you actually go for the job.

"The use of the app is very simple, actually. There's two modes in the app. There's a practice mode and then there's the actual taking the test mode, so you can go through the practice and it tells you how to take the test," Special Agent Stacey Deal said.

You can find the "FBI Physical Fitness Test" app in your cellphone's app store and test your physical fitness at any track near you.
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