Coronavirus: How consumers can deal with debt during pandemic

The economy is slowing down, but people still have to spend money on food and essentials. For many, the only way to buy is using their credit cards.

"One of my jobs said we don't need you guys because we're going to shut down," says Alex Sánchez.

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He is now worried about paying his credit card bills.

"My credit card bills, they don't care. I tried to call but they said you have to pay on time if not we're going to charge you guys with a late fee," says Sanchez.

In a money survey by Wallet Hub, 67 million people worry they will have trouble paying credit cards. About 76% believe credit card companies should forgive late payments during this crisis, and 158 million people say they are now saving instead of spending.

Financial planner Brian Gilder says call your credit card company now.

"Some of them will let you skip payments, some of them will waive fees, some will let you not make a payment for one month and you can skip a month. There's so many options out there right now but you have to call the card company and explain your situation to them," says Gilder.

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There are big changes this tax season as the treasury says people who owe taxes can defer payment for 90 days and there won't be any interest or penalties. You still have to file your taxes by April 15. If you're getting a refund, the earlier you file the earlier you will get your money.

"I would definitely file my tax return right away from getting a refund because you want to get that refund and I will take that refund and put it into my emergency fund and use it just for necessity items," says Gilder.
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