Chino asking residents to report illegal fireworks

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Chino asking residents to report illegal fireworks
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A new ordinance in Chino is encouraging residents to report illegal fireworks.

CHINO, Calif. (KABC) -- This Fourth of July, the city of Chino is asking residents to help them police illegal firework activity by snapping a picture or taking video of violators - which could include their neighbors.

It's part of a new ordinance to combat illegal fireworks, but there is a catch.

"The person reporting the crime would not be anonymous. They would possibly have to respond, not only give their name but respond to an administrative hearing if it got to that point," said Lt. Brain Cauble with the Chino Police Department.

That has some residents a bit conflicted about possibly turning in their neighbors.

"I'm not sure. Not sure how I feel about it," said Wendy Gulserian.

The Chino resident isn't sure she'd be comfortable calling police if she saw her neighbor lighting off illegal fireworks.

"What if you made an enemy for the whole year. You want to make sure you are friendly with your neighbors," said Gulserian.

So, if you want to remain neighborly without the conflict there is another option.

"They can put in a regular call for service to let us know there is illegal fireworks in the area. But then what we would have to do is react to that like any other call for service," said Cauble.

Also, responding officers would have to witness the violation.

Violators caught with illegal fireworks face a $1000 fine.

Ryan Toney says he would not call police if he witnessed illegal fireworks. Instead he would be direct.

"I would go talk to my neighbor if it was getting out of control," said Toney.