Proud Dad Sean Penn thrilled to have front row seat to daughter Dylan's first major movie role

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Monday, August 23, 2021
Sean Penn directs daughter Dylan in 'Flag Day'
'He's dad first, not 'Sean Penn the great actor.' Dylan Penn says being directed by dad Sean Penn was easy, fun in new movie 'Flag Day.'

HOLLYWOOD -- It's not often that a father gets to work with his daughter, much less direct her in a major motion picture. That was the case with Sean Penn and his oldest child, Dylan and their new film "Flag Day." Add to that: they act opposite one another as well.

"Flag Day" is based on a true story, and is centered on an often troubled father-daughter relationship. He's a bit of a con man, and counterfeiter... always looking for his next scheme. She knows he's full of lies, but can't help but WANT to believe this time her Dad might just do the right thing.

As director, actor, and father... Sean was thrilled, and proud, to have a front row seat to his daughter, Dylan's first major movie role.

"It was an experience I wouldn't expect to have and hadn't working with any other actor," said Sean. "She has a magic truth telling force in her that was always kind of dazzling to be present for, whether engaging in a scene with her or standing outside as a director."

"Being able to play and feeling like I could fail and I would still have my dad and my director supporting me it just felt really easy and fun but I don't really think of him as, I mean he's dad first, not 'Sean Penn the great actor."

When Penn isn't working in Hollywood he devotes most of his time to CORE - Community Organized Relief Effort. During the pandemic, CORE helped facilitate testing and vaccination sites all around the Southland. Penn says he'd like to see more clarity on the issues of vaccines come from the highest levels.

'The term mandatory can be used now whether or not they have an arm to enforce it," said Sean. "It gives clarity and I really believe, and it gives cover for businesses, so I think we have to start to accept that the only way we're going to get ourselves out of this is if we mandate vaccines for all of those who are able to take it."

Meanwhile, you can see "Flag Day" in theaters now.