Distributing company takes novel approach to feed hungry kids

Ari Goldsmith works with a food distribution company called KeHE. She says the company saw a meaningful way to take advantage of the throngs of people attending the Natural Product Expo.

"1.9 million people are below the poverty line in L.A. County and 40 percent of those are children. We will be packing over 100,000 meals that will be delivered to those people within the next few days," said Goldsmith, director of marketing.

Partnering with New Hope Media, they built a huge tent for a free morning breakfast and asked attendees to try their hand at packing a box for those in need.

They will be giving away 2,000 boxes, and each one of the boxes contains about 48 meals.

And this is not just snacks and fillers. The contents of the boxes provided good solid staples such as pasta, rice, lentils, tuna and green beans.

The effort made Kristin Giffin of the Children's Hunger Fund very happy.

"We've been blessed with very generous partners, people want to know that kids around the world are receiving great nutrition. it's important in this country but it's also important that we think about children around the world receiving food from us," Giffin said.

With roughly 90,000 people attending the expo, it's estimated that 1,000 of them packed boxes which helped expedite the job in a few hours time. In turn they are being delivered to those in need living within a 100 mile radius.
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