One-cup cuisine might be next big thing in healthy convenience

Like many, Rachel Drori was a hungry working mother who got tired of her food options when she was on the go.

"It's what I like to think of is the resolve to the modern eating dilemma. We're all busy. We all have a lot of obligations in life and we all usually compromise on how we want to eat daily because of those obligations," said Drori.

She founded Daily Harvest, a company that sells frozen single serving meals to your door. It's tasty, but it's also the type of food that health conscious people appreciate.

The meals are plant-based, and 98 percent organic. You can choose between: harvest bowls, oatmeal, soups, smoothies, even green-tea lattes.

Prep is a quick blend, a zap in the microwave or stove, and the oatmeal...

"You add liquid put the top back on pop it in your fridge and in the morning, it's done," said Drori.

From a nutrition perspective the cups are properly portioned, have lots of fiber and nutrients which is a win if you're eating on the fly.

Also nice, each one of these seems to have an extra special ingredient that most likely you don't have lying around your house.

With ingredients like dragon berries, Kitchari spice and Shitake mushrooms, these meals go beyond convenience.

Costs average $7 to $8 a cup, depending on how many you order.

Drori points out that frozen means farm-to-fork food, so your nutrients are high and your waste is low.

"Forty seven percent of fresh fruits and vegetables go to waste every year. By using frozen we use a lot of that food waste," Drori said.

Perhaps helping both tummy and planet.
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