App, website 'Foodnome' walks home cooks through permitting process, helps start businesses

RIVERSIDE CO. (KABC) -- A new website is helping home cooks navigate the process of making and selling food out of their houses. "Foodnome" showed the way for the owner of "My Fair Kitchen" in Corona, who offered the first legally permitted Vietnamese home restaurant in Riverside County.

Foodnome is a website and app that helps home cooks through the permitting process and features their restaurants all in one place.

It was made possible through ABC 626 which legalizes home kitchen businesses. The idea came from entrepreneur Akshay Prabhu. For about $1,000, the company helps walk home chefs through the cumbersome permitting process. Chefs must pass a week-long food management certification course and undergo home kitchen inspections by public health officers; once approved, they're free to sell food from their home.
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