Mourners line up to honor late Rev. Frederick K.C. Price at FaithDome

Many people went to The FaithDome at the Crenshaw Christian Center to honor the late Rev. Frederick K.C. Price during the two-day public memorial service.
SOUTH LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In early February, apostle Frederick K.C. Price died. The founder of South Los Angeles' Crenshaw Christian Center passed away due to COVID-19 complications.

This week a two-day public viewing was being held at The FaithDome along with a private family service on the third day.

"Frederick K.C. Price meant the world to me," said Janaé Joy Williams Green. "He's been my pastor my entire life. And it's because of him I'm here today."

"I'm missing him terribly. He was an amazing father, an amazing man," said Angela Evans, Price's eldest daughter and CEO of Crenshaw Christian Center.

Although the viewing didn't start until 11a.m. people started lining up to pay their respects as early as 9 a.m. Evans said it was just a testament to the many lives her father touched.

"He specifically touched me by teaching me the word of God," said Brenda Collier. "And if it hadn't been for him, I probably would have been doing things I shouldn't be doing."

With just 300 members, Price founded the Crenshaw Christian Center back in 1973. Now, there's over 28,000 members.

"Seeing all of these people out here to come and honor my dad is making me cry," Evans said. "It's so special because of the impact he made in their lives and in so many lives around the world."

Price built his church up to be one of America's first Black megachurches with an estimated 15 million households watching his televised church services weekly.

"He just changed my life," said Donise Dillard. "And there is no way that I was going to let this moment go by. He's the reason that I live."

"Apostle touched everybody, not just me," said Green. "And this just shows how many people loved him as much as I do. He wasn't my father, but he was a father to all of us."

Evans said she was a 'daddy's girl' but she was happy to share him with the world.

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