Food delivery driver seen on video stealing French bulldog from DTLA apartment complex, owners say

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Saturday, April 22, 2023
Food delivery driver steals French bulldog from DTLA apartment complex
Surveillance video captured the food delivery driver pulling the dog out of an elevator and leaving with the beloved 6-month-old French bulldog.

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A food delivery driver was captured on video stealing a French bulldog from a downtown Los Angeles apartment complex, according to the dog's heartbroken owners who are pleading for the safe return of their pet.

Annisa Gibson and Caliber Cleveland have barely slept since the theft of their beloved 6-month-old dog, Chunky Monkey. They say the man was delivering food to someone on their building's floor when the dog was taken.

The dog was stolen Wednesday evening. Cleveland and the dog were making a routine trip to throw out the trash near the couple's downtown L.A. apartment.

On the way back, Cleveland thought the puppy was a few steps behind him, but it turned out the dog wandered off and was gone.

The couple went to the lobby and while viewing footage from the building's numerous security cameras, they saw a man, apparently a food delivery driver, leaving with their puppy in his arms.

Surveillance video captured the man pulling the dog out of an elevator and heading to the lobby door of the apartment complex.

"The footage of him in the hallway is really heartbreaking to me because you can see the puppy goes up to the guy as he's waiting for the elevator," Cleveland said. "Chunky's just such a friendly puppy."

Gibson says the sweet, playful puppy was a Christmas gift, one of three dogs they own.

"He runs to everyone in the hallway, and all of our neighbors are so friendly," Gibson said.

Gibson and Cleveland have filed a police report and posted flyers on social media. They're hoping someone will recognize the suspect.

What matters most to them is finding Chunky and bringing him home.

They ask anyone with information to come forward. They're willing to pay a reward if it helps them reunite with their dog.