Fullerton: Investigation underway after man dies following fight with police

FULLERTON, Calif. (KABC) -- An investigation was underway Monday night after a 23-year-old Fullerton man died following an altercation with police.

Video captured at the scene showed the suspect on the ground as several officers held him down. A police spokesman said the man is suspected of rushing officers and it was after non-lethal weapons, including 40mm sponge rounds, had no effect on him.

"Approximately three officers fired their Taser at the suspect in an effort to subdue him, however the Tasers had no effect on him," Lt. Jon Radus said.

Officers were called to the neighborhood shortly before 5:30 p.m. regarding reports of a man being combative in the street.

"I heard yelling and screaming. He was the one that was yelling and running out through the street. It was scary," neighbor Leticia Ruelas said.

Responding officers claim the suspect was the same man involved in a disturbance at his family's place earlier in the day. Family members had allowed the man to stay after police left.

But around 5 p.m., authorities believe the same suspect kicked in the door of a woman's home.

"The lone female inside the residence did not know him. He stayed inside the residence for just a few seconds and then left," Radus said.

Less than half an hour later, investigators said they were only able to get the man into the ambulance after firefighters administered a calming drug.

"While en route to the hospital, the suspect stopped breathing," Radus said.

The coroner will determine the suspect's cause of death. His identity was not released.

Authorities said three officers suffered injuries while trying to subdue the man. One suffered a facial injury, another suffered an abdominal injury and the other sustained injuries to his neck. They were all treated at the hospital and released.
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