5 SoCal Girl Scouts' projects land at Space Station as part of 'Making Space for Girls' contest

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Five Southern California Girl Scouts are getting ready to soar. They weren't able to blast off into space -- but their science projects did! It's all part of the "Making Space for Girls" contest that launched their projects to the International Space Station via Space-X.

Ten-year-old Milan is one of four Southern California Girl Scouts whose project was chosen.

"My science experiment will be launching into space. I want to find out if plants proximity to the Sun will affect its growth," said Milan. "I am so honored to be chosen. I have loved space since I was two years old, so this is extra special for me."

A total of 21 entries were picked, including a design for a Girl Scout space badge and an essay about space travel.

"I wrote a story about three characters going into space for vacation and they visit different planets and have fun," said Kayla.

The rocket launched early Sunday morning, Aug. 29. The projects will be returned once they are back on Earth and are processed by NASA as "certified flown-in-space items."
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