Monrovia partners with Lyft, LimeBike to provide affordable transportation around city

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- Monrovia decided to revamp its transportation options using its dial-a-ride funds - which costs the city about $1 million a year - in a new way by partnering with Lyft and LimeBike.

The partnership means a new program for the city called Go Monrovia.

"We'll subsidize a Lyft ride for anyone who wants to travel within the Go Monrovia service area. The ride will only cost you $0.50," city manager Oliver Chi said.

Getting around town will be as easy as using the Lyft mobile app, but it will be much more affordable. Simply type in the code Go Monrovia in the app and you'll be ready to ride anywhere in Monrovia, Bradbury and parts of Duarte, Arcadia and north El Monte.

LimeBike is also part of the Go Monrovia program. A dollar means a 30-minute ride and you can leave the bikes anywhere.

"Every evening, the LimeBike team will come out into the community, pick up the bikes, rebalance them, so the next morning the bikes are back where they're supposed to be," Chi said.

The city hopes the Go Monrovia program will make it easier for residents and visitors to get around and not have to worry about driving or parking.
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