Emotions boil over at town hall in Cudahy where Delta airliner dumped 100,000 pounds of fuel

CUDAHY, Calif. (KABC) -- Emotions were boiling over at a town hall in Cudahy where earlier this week a Delta airliner dumped 100,000 pounds of fuel during an emergency landing, hitting at least six schools and likely thousands of homes.

The Federal Aviation Administration released a fact sheet Friday stating that the pilot did not follow proper procedure which requires pilots to alert air traffic control if they plan to dump fuel.

"This is not just a school that they dropped this is on, it's a whole community. On black and brown communities - low income black and brown communities - so this is very upsetting," said one South Los Angeles resident.

Air traffic control twice asked the pilot whether he needed to dump fuel and twice he said no.

Residents booed a Delta Air Lines representative who attended Friday's meeting who read a statement from the company vowing an investigation.

"The community has a right to seek answers and to feel outraged. It's absolutely an injustice what they're dealing with. It's in our backyard, it's in our schools, in our parks," said Cudahy Mayor Elizabeth Alcantar.

Los Angeles County Public Health and the L.A. County Fire Department maintain the public should be safe, but local congresswoman Maxine Waters disagreed.

"If you have symptoms, it may already be too late. Maybe your eyes are already damaged. We can't wait for the symptoms to present themselves," said Rep. Maxine Waters.

One woman said her dog passed away Thursday and blames Delta Air Lines for his death.

"His heart stopped beating and they resuscitated him until I was able to get there from work," said Georgina Diaz, South Gate resident. "He was my child, he was my second son so it's really difficult to think that this may have caused it."
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