HBCU professor goes viral for holding student's baby during class

Dr. Aqeel Dix is a professor at Lincoln University, an HBCU in Pennsylvania.

In 2020, his student Imani Lamarr had just returned to her studies after taking a semester off to have a baby. Lamarr's son, Christopher, had spent months in the NICU and she had considered not coming back to school to care for her baby.

With the support of her family, however, she decided to go back to college.

One day, she told Dr. Dix she would be missing her class because she didn't have a babysitter.

He answered "No." He told her to bring her child to class and he would look after the baby while she listened to the lecture.

Now, nearly two years later, Lamarr is getting ready to graduate. She says it's because of the support of people like Dr. Dix that she is able to finish her degree while raising her child.

And Dr. Dix is going viral for his good deed and leadership!

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