Athletic shoe shop in Santa Monica uses 3D scanners, heat-molding technology to find perfect fit

At Road Runner Sports in Santa Monica, Cyrus Kushan is asking important questions to find a shoe that's right for me.

"Tell me what the shoes are being used for running, walking, training," asked Kushan.

The questions are just one part of the process.

"It takes all the guesswork about picking a pair of shoes. We ask you questions, record you on the treadmill for about 10 seconds, take a 3D scan of your feet," Kushan said.

Along with the machine's findings, aches and pains and fitness goals are imputed into a queue to come up with a solution. This can be a puzzle as most don't have identical feet.

"The true size of your feet is a seven and a half, that's unique. Normally one foot is a little bit longer than the other. The left side is a little more on the narrow side. When we look at your arches we can see the left side is pretty darn high," Kushan observed.

"You walk up to a shoe wall and it's overwhelming. There's so many beautiful shoes there, I wasn't really sure what size I needed and of course I went for the color," said Andrea Kooiman of Mission Viejo.

Like many, Kooiman used to choose fashion over function, but as an ultra marathoner and running coach she got hooked on finding the proper fit.

Kushan also says it's no longer just about the shoe. It's also the insert and the sock you wear.

"The insert is basically designed to support the arch specifically, where the shoe is designed to support the foot," said Kushan.

Most stores sell inserts. The inserts at this store are heat-molded to your foot. And they can be pricey - from about $40 to $90, but experts say they typically last twice as long as most shoes you buy.

Then there's socks. It's important to know going in whether you like thin or thick and cushiony socks. It will make a difference in the fit of your shoe.
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