Coronavirus: Businesses step up cleaning practices as concerns grow

MONROVIA, Calif. (KABC) -- A number of businesses are stepping up their cleaning procedures in the wake of the novel coronavirus.

A gym in Monrovia has tons of hand sanitizer, around the clock cleaning, and lots of wipes.

Regular exercise has been proven to promote good physical and mental health, and Foothill Gym owner Brian Whelan wants his clients to keep it up, even as coronavirus concerns continue to rise.

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"Relieving their anxiety, having to come in and seeing the cleanliness, seeing people clean all the time, really de-stresses everything and takes away a bit of the paranoia," said Whelan.

He's one of many local business owners introducing new policies and procedures to fight the spread.

There are constant equipment wipe downs, deep cleaning of mirrors, windows, even TVs -- all before the usual night staff comes in each evening.

"I am worried and concerned," Terry Mozilo.

Mozilo is a nurse. She says she canceled a family spring break vacation to Hawaii and a cruise later this year.

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The clean culture of the gym keeps her coming in every day, despite the close contact she has with others.

"But with all the reports coming in recently, I feel a little more relaxed, just because of my age group. My husband on the other hand, he's a hypochondriac, so he's very worried."

"We shake hands a lot here, but now I think it's more evolved into the fist bump, especially here in the gym when your hands are sweaty," said gym member Richard Aguayo.

The gym's owner says it's a group effort, and in these times, everyone must do their part.

"We have put out to all our members through social media that if you're sick, don't come, stay at home, be a hero, don't spread it. Flatten the curve as far as not just spreading coronavirus, but any illness," Whelan said.
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