Innovative robot tech helps stroke patients recover

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Loma Linda Medical Center has new technology to help people heal, and it is robotic. (KABC)

Loma Linda Medical Center has new technology to help people heal, and it is robotic.

It's all part of an innovative physical therapy program designed to help stroke patients regain their independence.

Stroke patient Derrill Quaschnick is using a high-tech exoskeleton to help him re-learn to walk. Right now, it's doing 90 percent of the work. But soon, he hopes he'll be walking without it.

"Every day I have to get used to a new normal," Quaschnick said.

Last summer he said he felt his left side go completely weak. "I knew immediately it was a stroke," he said.

He was transported to Loma Linda University Medical Center, which is now the first comprehensive stroke center in the Inland Empire.

"Our medical management has improved quite a bit, and we are saving quite a bit more people," physical therapist Lisa Zidek said.

Last year, the stroke care team treated about 60 patients per month. This year, that number is up to 120 patients per month.

Neurologist Vincent Truong said learning the acronym B.E. F.A.S.T. can save lives.

In the acronym, B stands for for being off balance, E for eyes and blurry vision, F for drooping in the face, A for arm weakness, S for slurred speech, and T for time to call 911.

The critical care specialty team created a stroke backpack which contains the clot-busting drug, TPA, as well as equipment and a binder that contains various resources. It has improved treatment time up to 30 percent.

Nurse Carrie Colbos said it's important to understand that every minute counts.

Part of Loma Linda University Medical Center's comprehensive care mission includes everything from educating the community about stroke prevention to providing the most effective treatment for recovery.
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