New 'snorting chocolate' trend among teens raises health concerns

Don't mix this cocoa powder with milk hoping for chocolate milk. It's a new powdered chocolate product that teens are using to get high.

This new way of getting a rush is inexpensive, widely available, perfectly legal and causing great concern among parents.

It's called "Coco Loko," and it is a powder that users can snort.

It's a blend of cocoa powder, taurine, guarana and other ingredients found in energy drinks.

The maker claims "Coco Loko" can produce a state of euphoria similar to ecstasy and give you a steady rush of energy and motivation.

"Anyone who wants to party, dance and have a little extra energy...that's mostly our market," said Nick Anderson, the owner of Legal Lean.

The snortable chocolate craze first showed up in nightclubs in Europe last year, but Anderson hopes to bring it to the forefront of the United States.

But many are left wondering if it's safe and experts can't provide answers.

The FDA is unsure if it falls under its jurisdiction yet, and said it needs to evaluate the product labeling and marketing information.
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