Study: Workers in Los Angeles, Orange County most 'burnt out' in the country

Office workers in Los Angeles and Orange County are the nation's most "burnt out," with half severely suffering from the condition, according to researchers.

A new study from the Robert Half temp agency says the high cost of living and long commutes in Southern California might be taking a toll on people.

The second most burnt out city was Detroit, with 44 percent of people burnt out.

Chicago came in third, with 37 percent.

The World Health Organization recently recognized burnout in its guide as a legitimate medical diagnosis.

According to ICD-11, doctors can diagnose someone with burnout if they have three symptoms: the patient must be exhausted, experiencing mental distance or cynicism about their work and have problems getting the job done successfully.

Doctors can only diagnose burnout when it comes to work. WHO says it does not apply to other life situations.
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