Students spread awareness of SoCal homeless crisis with documentary

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE, Calif. (KABC) -- A group of high school students in La Canada Flintridge are spreading awareness about the homeless crisis in Southern California.

The St. Francis High School students spoke to people living on the streets, along with homeless service providers and experts, in their documentary titled "City Limits: The LA Homelessness Crisis."

"There was some uneasiness to approach the topic because it's such a big issue," said student producer Andrew Kowalski.

The documentary addresses contributing factors to the homeless crisis, including mental illness, substance abuse and the lack of affordable housing.

"It's not just this one-sided, their-fault situation, everyone has unique ways of getting to the point of living on the streets," said documentary writer Ian McGarry.

"I think people need to embrace an attitude of the greater community of Los Angeles," said Tharon Garber, who conducted many of the interviews.

Garber hopes the documentary, posted on YouTube, will make people think twice about the crisis and possible solutions. "Are you really better off when there's someone from your community sleeping on your sidewalk?"
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