Formerly homeless family gets new start, now looking for permanent home after help from TikTok star

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Saturday, September 2, 2023
Formerly homeless family gets new start with help from TikTok star
A SoCal family who were once living in their van is off the streets and now looking for a permanent home.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Just last month, Hugh and his three boys were sleeping in their van and suffering in the heat of summer.

Now the family is living in an Airbnb, searching for an apartment and getting ready to start school. That's thanks to some new friends and the power of social media.

"They were so excited just to have space," TikTok influencer Jackie Gansky said. "They just jump all over the floor and lay on the ground. They just love having air conditioning."

Gansky met Hugh and his three sons in July. She spotted them while she was visiting a park in West Hollywood and observed how they were struggling in the summer heat.

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A SoCal homeless man with three young sons who were living in their van is off the streets thanks to the efforts of a TikTok influencer.

After meeting Hugh and the boys, Gansky and her friend Anna Noel Olson set up a GoFundMe page and posted it on their social media. So far they've raised nearly $100,000 for the family.

Gansky said they set up a bank account for him, and he has access to everything. Gansky and Olson say they're happy to give Hugh some guidance on budgeting and what they think will be helpful.

With the money they put the family in an Airbnb and connected them with a real estate agent to find an apartment. It's been a challenge but they have one in the works.

The boys have also been working with a tutor and once the family has a permanent address they plan to start school. Hugh is also searching for a job. He says this past month has been a dream come true.

"Even if you didn't give physically, but just say 'I pray for them' that's good enough for me," said Hugh. "Thank you so much for thinking of me and my children."

"Hugh is just a wonderful person that's fallen on hard times," Olson said. "He needs a little help, but he'll be back on his feet."