Colt treated back to health after cougar attack during birth in Anza

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Sunday, January 22, 2017
Colt healthy after cougar attack during birth
Charlie, a colt attacked by a cougar while being born, recovered from severe injuries at a ranch in Norco.

NORCO, Calif. (KABC) -- A colt named Charlie was nurtured back to health after he was attacked by a cougar while being born.

"We got alerted that something was going on when our dogs went ballistic," owner Diane Truxillo shared.

The incident occurred shortly before the New Year when Phlicka was in the process of giving birth to Charlie at a ranch in Anza. The owner's dog managed the chase the cougar outside the property.

The newborn foal was then quickly rushed to a veterinarian as he clung to life.

"You could see his carotid artery. You could see that the membrane covering the carotid artery was the only thing that wasn't broken," Allyson Gagnon, who treated Charlie, said.

The colt's mother was treated for wounds to her upper eye while alongside her Charlie was cared for, for wounds to his neck and legs.

"He wanted to live. He really wanted to live," Gagnon said.

Thanks to a circle of dedicated nurses, Charlie found himself much stronger after two-and-a-half weeks.

The Norco horse community also came to his aid with donations to help pay for the veterinarian bill and the medications he required.

"He's been a miracle, he's just flat out been a miracle that he survived all this," Truxillo said.

His survival was also critical due to his breed's low numbers, with less than 2,000 Knabstruppers living worldwide.