How early is too early for Christmas music and decorations?

ByDanny Clemens KABC logo
Thursday, November 1, 2018
How early is too early for Christmas music and decorations?
Just hours into November, people are asking if it's too early for Christmas music and decorations after some companies began to deck the halls -- prematurely, according to some.

Is it too early to start getting in the Christmas spirit?

Though we're not even 24 hours past Halloween, that's the question people are asking as companies have begun to deck the halls -- prematurely, according to some.

"The holidays have arrived!" proclaimed a November 1 marketing email from skincare retailer Kiehls, while a similar email from Nordstrom beckoned customers to go gifting. Meanwhile, SiriusXM unveiled its slate of holiday music channels and Starbucks has revealed its line of holiday cups, all while parents are still wondering what to do with their leftover Halloween candy.

On social media, people were split as to whether the first of November is the right time to kick off the holiday season.

"Get into the car and Bing Crosby is playing = my favourite Sirius radio station has switched to 'holiday traditions' all Christmas all the time. Stop at Starbucks and they hand me a holiday mug. Yup. This'll be a festive drive to work," Hollie Pratt tweeted.

"It's November 1st and I have already seen the Christmas stuff up in Walmart and holiday radio ads. Good to know we are just completely skipping Thanksgiving," another user lamented, one of my many using the hashtag #TooSoon to bemoan the early start to the holiday season.

Commenters said there are three main schools of thought when it comes to deciding when to trim the tree: Some felt it was okay to celebrate as early as November 1, others maintained that revelers should wait until after Veterans Day to get in the spirit, and a third group insisted on getting past Thanksgiving before there's any hint of Santa Claus and Rudolph.

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