Family kicked out of Airbnb after reporting drugs, crack pipe found at Dallas rental home

Eliot Mosby says he and his 14 family members want an apology from the company after being forced out of the home on Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023
Child finds drugs, crack pipe, money at Dallas Airbnb, family says
A family was forced out of a Dallas Airbnb after finding drugs inside the home and reporting it to the rental host and police department on Christmas.

DALLAS, Texas -- A family is asking for an apology from Airbnb after their Christmas trip to Dallas turned into a nightmare when drugs were reportedly found in their rental home.

Airbnb guest Eliot Mosby gathered 14 family members from different states and rented out four Dallas Airbnbs for the holiday.

Early Christmas morning, Mosby's 12-year-old niece found what looked like a crystal substance, a crack pipe, and cash in one of the homes.

Mosby says he immediately contacted the Airbnb host, Dallas police, and Airbnb support. The family was told they had to vacate the property in less than two hours.

"This was the one time that we all were together in probably 10 years," Mosby told ABC affiliate WFAA-TV. "Imagine if my 12-year-old niece tried the drugs thinking it was candy."

Mosby says they were offered one hotel room for the 14-member family.

He says he was also offered a refund by Airbnb but wants more to be done.

The Airbnb host has not commented.

Airbnb recommends guests always do safety checks and contact the police in emergencies.

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