Huntington Beach couple welcomes twins via surrogate despite unique hurdles amid COVID pandemic

After years of fertility issues, and now in the midst of a global pandemic, the OC couple was able to bring their babies home.
HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Having a baby during the coronavirus emergency raises a number of concerns, but having a baby through surrogacy also poses some challenges.

A local couple that ABC7 introduced viewers to in April, who were awaiting the arrival of twins through an out-of-state surrogate, has good news.

The Huntington Beach couple have so much celebrate despite their increasingly difficult circumstances.

After years of health and fertility struggles, Sugar and Greg Bull are now the proud parents of twins Scarlett Rose and Redford Thomas.

With the help of a surrogate, their twins were born April 17 at a Utah hospital hundreds of miles away from home.

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"We drove up at one in the morning, through the night, and were able to be there just in time for them to be born," said Sugar Bull.

But having a baby, much less two, is all the more strenuous in the midst of a global pandemic. The Bulls were only allowed to enter the hospital once delivery was imminent.

And in the months leading up, had to submit weekly temperature checks. Illness would have meant missing their twins delivery and risking the chance to take their precious miracles back home.

"They said if we got sick and we were exposed to each other, we wouldn't be able to take custody of the babies and they would they said they would have to be given to CPS," said the new mother, referring to Child Protective Services.

Thankfully the Bulls were healthy and made it inside the delivery room just as baby boy and baby girl came were born.

Now home in Orange County, these new parents couldn't be happier -- but there are still more challenges.

"I think it was about two days before they were born I was actually laid off from my company," said Greg Bull.

"I have an interior design company and you know you plan for your worst case months but you never plan for it going down to zero," said Sugar.

Instead of counting their problems, the couple has decided to count their blessings. And for Sugar's first Mother's Day, she celebrated two happy and healthy babies and a birth story to remember.
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