Husky at Arizona shelter shows his smarts by escaping cage to look for snack

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Thursday, January 11, 2024
Hungry husky escapes cage at AZ shelter, tries to set pals free
A hungry husky busted out of his cage at an Arizona shelter and made a mess of the office while searching for a snack.A husky named King broke out of his kennel at the Lost Our Home shelter in Tempe, Ariz., until a police officer came by to put him back.

TEMPE, Ariz. -- A hungry husky busted out of his cage at a shelter in Arizona looking for a midnight snack.

The dog named King even tried to help his buddies break free as well.

But King's free rein over the shelter was short-lived.

The clever breakout happened at the Lost Our Home shelter in Tempe just after 2 a.m. a few weeks back.

Shelter founder Jodi Polanski says she was surprised to get an alert on her phone about the alarm going off at the shelter.

It turned out the alarm was set off by the rescue pup King. He escaped his kennel and wandered around the shelter trying to free his friends, even opening up one door with his mouth and paws.

"There are other dogs in the same room as him and he was trying to open up their kennels too," Polanski said. "Obviously unsuccessful, but he was trying because he really wanted to party with some friends."

He then makes his way into the lobby looking for a snack and makes quite a mess inside the shelter.

A Tempe police officer showed up and was greeted enthusiastically by King, his tail rapidly wagging, as he turned off the alarm.

But what happened next surprised Polanski again. After securing King, the police officer straightened up the office, even grabbing a broom to sweep up the snacks that the husky had left scattered across the floor.

"The officer cleaned this up so good," Polanski said. "And I was like oh my God this is amazing, that was so nice and wasn't needed or required, I should say."

The shelter's YouTube video of this incident can be viewed here.