'Immersive Disney Animation' experience takes visitors inside some of Disney's greatest films

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023
'Immersive Disney Animation' offers new experience for classic films
The "Immersive Disney Animation" experience takes visitors inside the greatest films of Walt Disney Animation Studios.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (KABC) -- If you've ever wanted to step into a Disney animated film, you'll soon have your chance.

The "Immersive Disney Animation" experience is showing in more than a dozen cities around the world.

ABC7 traveled to Nashville to get a sneak peek at the innovative celebration that takes visitors inside of -- and surrounds them with -- the greatest films from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

"It just envelopes you," said one visitor. "We're a huge Disney family, we love Disney. It just warms your heart, that feeling like you're watching a movie at home with your family or you're at the parks."

"We're celebrating the 100th anniversary here at Disney Animation Studios," said Dorothy McKim, a special projects producer with Disney Animation. "We have over 61 films and we have over 45 of them that we're highlighting in this experience," which includes musical sequences and montages.

"It's all about wishing and hoping and dreaming," McKim said. "You walk into this gallery and it's going into the vault. We are projecting on all four walls, and you will see it in that entire experience."

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The experience is truly immersive, including the floor being activated. Visitors each receive a bracelet that is lit up and in sync with what is happening on the walls.

There is something for everybody.

"We have 'We Don't Talk About Bruno,' 'Zootopia,' 'Show Yourself' with Elsa," McKim said.

The experience includes a mix of classic Disney animated films along with contemporary movies.

"This experience is truly wonderful because it's going to be a place where we can all come back together, with our families," McKim said. "And those true Disney fans -- they are going to be in heaven."

Los Angeles update: "Immersive Disney Animation" was slated to run in L.A. but the date has been postponed until further notice "due to production delays," Lighthouse Immersive Studios announced. Refunds are being offered to those who purchased tickets.

Tickets and more details on "Immersive Disney Animation" are available online at lighthouseimmersive.com/disney. The Walt Disney Co. is the parent company of ABC7.