Pasadena teen helps parents learn educational tools for their children

Connor Lee started holding workshops online and in-person for parents with young children.
PASADENA (KABC) -- When the pandemic forced students to attend class online, 17-year-old Connor Lee wanted to do something about it.

"The first thing that we did was at the beginning of COVID, we helped distribute some things like WiFi

internet hotspots from the Pasadena School District," said Lee.

Knowing that a large part of his community didn't always have internet access, he started to think of other ways he could help.

"I made like educational videos and put them on flash drives so that students could access them without internet access," Lee said.

Lee then pivoted to focus on the parents. He wanted to help families better understand the online educational tools that students had to adapt to.

He started holding workshops online and in person at the Pasadena Community Job Center for parents with young children.

"We went over things like Gmail, Google Docs," he said.

Lee is running these workshops through his organization Family Engagement in Educational Opportunities.

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