Man steals thousands of dollars worth of iPhone screens from Arcadia, Glendale malls and flees in Maserati

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- Security video caught a man stealing tens of thousands of dollars in replacement iPhone screens from the Arcadia mall and the Glendale Galleria mall.

The suspect is wanted in a string of burglaries where he targets iPhone repair kiosks. Police say he goes for iPhone replacement screens.

The man is clearly seen on camera, and police are hoping the videos will be the key to his capture.

In one case at the Santa Anita Mall, a worker recorded his conversation with the suspect after he became suspicious about the man's motives. The suspect is later seen coming back when the kiosk is closed. The thief grabs merchandise and slips away.

On March 14, he hit the Glendale Galleria just before the mall opened. He goes straight for the We Fix Now kiosk. You can see he tries several cabinets before finding the right one and stacking up the boxes and walking out with nearly $26,000 worth of iPhone screens.

It wasn't just his face that was captured on camera -- so was his getaway vehicle: A gray Maserati sedan with temporary registration in the front windshield.

Police are hoping the public will be able to help put the man behind bars. If you recognize the suspect, Glendale police would like to hear from you.
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