Daniel Craig says farewell to James Bond franchise with 'No Time to Die'

LOS ANGELES -- After 15 years and five films, Daniel Craig is ready to surrender his license to kill, hang up his tuxedo, shake his last martini and leave the world of superspy James Bond behind.

The film had been delayed several times, but finally, Bond is back this week and it's time to see "No Time to Die".

"We are so grateful we got here," said Craig.

Craig announced this would be his last time in the James Bond world. And despite all the hard work, and many injuries over the years, he leaves with only fond memories.

"You know the fun outweighs everything... I just look back with fondness about the people that I've had the chance to work with. That's been really the joy of it all," said Craig. "The experiences I've had... I have flashbacks sometimes of what we've done on these films, and I'm still amazed that we did it, that I actually had those experiences. I kind of have to pinch myself still to this day and go, 'Did that really happen?'"

As for the delays in the release of "No Time to Die," Craig puts it all in perspective.

"The world has been going through quite a serious time, and lots of people have not been having such a good time with it, so when a Bond movie comes out, it's low on the list of priorities," said Craig. "Bond movies, as most movies are, but particularly Bond movies, are meant to be seen in cinemas with a crowd of people you don't know that well with popcorn and drinks and some shouting... We're just really psyched about the whole thing and can't wait for people to see it."

"No Time to Die" is rated PG-13 and also features Rami Malek, LaShanna Lynch, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Wisham and Jeffrey Wright.

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