Jane Fonda protests Dakota Access Pipeline on 79th birthday

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Actress Jane Fonda spent her 79th birthday protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, and her birthday gift to herself was taking her money out of Wells Fargo bank.

"As a customer of your bank, I reject the notion of my money helping to support your investment in the Dakota Access Pipeline," Fonda announced as a surrounding crowd cheered.

Fonda was taking a new approach to protest the pipeline, fearing it will threaten air and water quality in many states and violate sacred Indian burial sites.

For months, Native Americans have been very vocal about shutting the pipeline down. Fonda decided to hit her bank where she hopes it will hurt the most.

"Well, I found out my bank, Wells Fargo, is invested in the North Dakota pipeline. The two companies that own it and run it, Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco. And given the realities of the pipeline and what it represents, which includes some pretty serious risks of disaster, I am withdrawing my money from Wells Fargo," she said.

Her good friend, actress Lily Tomlin, did the same thing two weeks ago, and she's encouraging others to join them.

"I hope they'll get their money out. That's one of the surest ways to cut them off at the knees," Tomlin said.

Wells Fargo reportedly has $120 million in a $2.5 billion credit agreement. Sixteen other financial institutions are also funding the project.

A Wells Fargo spokesperson said the bank is committed to environmental sustainability and to human rights and it hopes all parties involved will work together to reach a peaceful resolution.

"We have broken all our treaties with the Native Americans, the first people on this land, and enough already," Fonda added.

Just a few weeks ago, the U.S. Army said no to giving the project a permit to bury the pipeline under the Missouri River, but things could change. President-elect Donald Trump's incoming administration supports the pipeline.

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