'Jeopardy!' drafts 18 elite contestants to take part in new team All-Star Tournament

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Sunday, September 23, 2018
'Jeopardy!' gets 18 elite contestants to take part in All-Star Tournament
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A group of favorite, successful "Jeopardy!" winners are drafted for a new round of play...this time, with teams competing against each other.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- So who is taking part in the "Jeopardy! All-Star Games?" - the answer is 18 of the most successful contestants of all time.

To celebrate "Jeopardy's!" 35th season, the game show has come up with something it's never done before: team play! On Saturday, 18 elite contestants took part in a "draft," live on Facebook.

Six teams of three players each will compete and each team has a captain. It will be someone "Jeopardy!" fans know well: Austin Rogers, Buzzy Cohen, Colby Burnett, Julia Collins, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

Teams will return to Los Angeles after the first of the year to compete. They will be eliminated based on point totals, with the top three teams competing for a $1 million prize.

Of course, Alex Trebek was on hand to host and to talk about the logistics of this major tournament.

The team captains reflected on their teams, and what's ahead for the competition. The teams are set, and the (all in good fun) trash talking began.