Arizona father hired after holding sign on street for weeks

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Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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For one job seeker in Phoenix, it came down to holding a sign.

They say job-hunting is about things like connections, networking, and making an impression.

But for one job seeker in Phoenix, Arizona, it came down to just holding a sign.

"It says 'Please take a resume, got laid off, looking for a job,' and I wanted to make it as easy to read as possible," Patrick Hoagland told KPHO-TV.

Melissa Digianfilippo took a photo of Hoagland and his sign on her drive back from lunch.

"I gestured for him to come over, grabbed his resume and the light changed, so I had no time to talk to him," said Digianfilippo, a marketing firm co-owner, said.

Hoagland said he would stay out on the sidewalk for at least four hours a day.

"At least four hours a day. One day, I stayed out there for eight hours and I was out there the day it was 118 (degrees)," Hoagland said.

Though he was smiling in the photo, the 30-year-old husband and father was feeling pretty low at that moment, despite sending out dozens of resumes online.

Weeks later, he was still jobless.

"It caught me by surprise and I really need to get a job so I chose to stand on the corner with a sign," Hoagland said.

Digianfilippo was impressed by his creativity and she shared his resume.

"I just thought I have a wide network so I'll post it on social media and see what happens and it was crazy. It blew up," Digianfilippo said.

"It was just craziness of phone calls, text messages, e-mails," Hoagland said.

That turned into hundreds of replies and inquiries.

He narrowed his offers down to 17 then to one. The one at a concrete grinding company.

Hoagland is now hungrier than ever for success.