Man with rare facial disorder travels around the world to inspire kids with the same disorder

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Monday, December 8, 2014

To children with Treacher-Collins syndrome, Jono Lancaster is a household name.

That's because Lancaster, a 30-year-old from England, has become the public figure associated with Treacher-Collins, a genetic disorder which leads to problems developing the bones in the face. The effects are wide-ranging but can include severe facial distortion and even respiratory problems.

In November, Lancaster made some kids' dreams come true by making it possible for them to meet their hero. He went on a monthlong tour of Australia and Tansania, meeting kids who share his disorder along the way.

Lancaster spoke to groups of schoolchildren who may not have heard of the disease.

In addition to teaching about the disorder, Lancaster spoke out against the bullying he experienced as a child.

Lancaster kept his followers updated on his travels, sharing heartwarming photos of the children he met.

He posted the following message on his Facebook page Sunday reflecting on his trip:

"Been back in the UK now for a week, still can't believe wat we've achieved - 1 month, 2 countries, 14 flights, countless memories and so many special people.

10 years ago, despite been loved and adored by so many, i hated my treacher collins, I hated my face.
"Why me?"

But right now. ....I feel truly blessed.
I love been me and all that I am.
Big smiles everyone xxx"