Jovana Lara, Leslie Lopez are on the search for the perfect Oscar Sunday gowns

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Friday, February 7, 2020
Finding the perfect Oscar Sunday dress
ABC7's Jovana Lara and Leslie Lopez hunt for the perfect red carpet dress to wear to the Oscars and fellow anchor Leslie Sykes joins in on the fun.

LOS ANGELES -- ABC7 anchor Jovana Lara and meteorologist Leslie Lopez are getting ready for Oscar Sunday and it was time to complete a very important task: finding the perfect red carpet dress.

Candice Cruz, a retailer at the Jovani dress shop in Los Angeles, advised on the hot colors and styles this awards season: "For Oscars we're going to see a lot of jewel tones."

Lara prefers an "understated and classic" look, while Lopez hoped to find "something with stretch," as she is eight months pregnant with her first child.

Fellow ABC7 anchor Leslie Sykes joined in on the fun and hyped up Lopez and Lara as they tried on dresses, encouraging them to find showstopper pieces that will make them stand out on the red carpet. Both Lopez and Lara will join supermodel and fashion expert Roshumba Williams on the balcony over the red carpet on Sunday, picking out the best fashion trends of the night.

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Top contenders for Lopez included a baby blue gown, an Eyewitness News blue dress and a sparkly magenta number. Lara tried on two black numbers, one topped with feathers, a 70s-inspired sequined jumpsuit and a green gown reminiscent of Jennifer Lopez's famous green Versace dress.

So what did they choose? You'll just have to tune in on Oscar Sunday to find out.

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