Attorney General Kamala Harris wins US Senate seat

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Attorney General Kamala Harris beat out Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez Tuesday night for the coveted U.S. Senate seat once occupied by Barbara Boxer.

The seat was filled for 24 years by Democrat Barbara Boxer. The race pitted Harris and Sanchez, both Democrats, against each other to succeed Boxer.

Harris is the first biracial woman in the Senate, while Sanchez would have been the first Latin woman had she won. President Barack Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown have both endorsed Harris.

Harris celebrated election results in downtown Los Angeles, while Sanchez was in Santa Ana.

During her victory speech, Harris said she intended to fight as results trickled in that Donald Trump would become president.

"I intend to fight. I intend to fight for Black Lives Matter. I intend to fight for truth, and transparency and trust. I intend to fight. I intend to fight for a woman's access to healthcare and reproductive rights," she said.

Sanchez spoke after news stations and agencies projected Harris to be the winner, saying it was a "very hard fight." She went on to say she "does not believe" the projections and will wait for more precincts to be counted.

"But even if we don't make it over the line tonight, think about this...never underestimate Loretta Sanchez," she said.

The two candidates shared similar positions on many issues, including the $15 minimum wage, climate change and immigration reform.

The race was generally been overshadowed publicly by the presidential campaign, with little public advertising by Sanchez or Harris.
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