Kevin Hart plays heightened version of himself as actor trying to be action star in new streaming series 'Die Hart'

In new streaming series 'Die Hart', Kevin Hart plays heightened version of himself as actor desperately trying to be action star.
HOLLYWOOD -- Kevin Hart is joining the streaming world with his new action-comedy series, "Die Hart." He plays a fictionalized version of himself: an actor desperate to be a big action star. Hart plays an actor named Kevin Hart in "Die Hart." He's a great sidekick but he wants to be an action movie leading man. This new Quibi show, rated TV-MA, features 10 bite-sized episodes that take us on Kevin's unusual journey to get there.

"I gotta put the K. Hart stamp on it. But in my attempting to do that, I got very lucky because I had an amazing premise and I knew the idea of what I wanted to do," said Hart.

Hart is in fine form, after bouncing back from a car accident last year that left him with major back injuries requiring surgery. This fit 41 year old lives with one mantra in mind.

"Every day is a new day for you to be better than you were the day before. It's that simple," said Hart. "It's not about doing it all at one time. It's about progression. And if you can do more the day after, then you're doing the right thing. That's it!"

He is especially happy about his "Die Hart" co-stars, including John Travolta, and his leading lady, "Game of Thrones" star Nathalie Emmanuel. Her character has an infatuation with this guy- Josh Harnett, who you'll see appear on the show as himself.

"A lot of that wasn't that acted, to be honest, because it wasn't just acting. I was literally just so excited and in awe of Josh Harnett because he really- it's nostalgic for me," said Emmanuel.

Hart joked with his co-star, prodding her to reveal how she felt working with him.

"I'll think of something," said Emmanuel.

"Just for the record, maybe if you could put this in there, it's probably the same working with me, like, nostalgic, the whole thing she said. It's probably equal. So, thanks, Nat!" laughed Hart.
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